Interview With Ellen Graham

by David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary

April 2008


George and Alana Hamilton, Palm Springs, CA, 1974

I took this photograph of Alana and George Hamilton in Palm Springs in 1974. I was there photographing for the “Growling Gourmet,” a cookbook for dogs and their celebrity owners including Kirk Douglas and Bob Evans.

I’d known George from the time he first arrived in Hollywood in the early 60s. George is a very funny guy, with a great sense of humor; charming, goodlooking, and very popular with everyone. I’d also known his mother Ann Spalding and his brother Bill, the interior decorator. George was wonderful to his mother and got her a house in Palm Beach. They were a very close family and all great fun to be around.

I took this photograph of them in George's plane. The session took less than an hour.

— Ellen Graham