Interview With Ellen Graham

by David Patrick Columbia, New York Social Diary

February 2008


Julie Christie, Beverly Hills, 1974

I met her with Warren Beatty. I’d seen Dr. Zhivago in which she was brilliant. She was living with Warren up on Coldwater Canyon in his house that had belonged to Lauritz Melchoir, the great Wagnerian tenor of the 20s, 30s, and 40s. She and Warren were making “Shampoo” at the time.

She was willing to do the shoot because I came recommended by Warren and she probably figured she’d get some good pictures.

She was sort of shy and quiet, not very actress-y, but lovely. She didn’t clam up like some film stars do. One of my easier jobs if you can call it a job. And to photograph someone I considered one of the most beautiful women of our time along with Candy Bergen and Sharon Tate.

It was hard to take a bad shot of her – her features, her bone structure, her pale blue eyes, everything was perfect. She’s nobody’s fool. She knew exactly what to do. She wore vintage clothes, all kinds of outfits and did a few changes for me. She had great natural style and looked great.

Then I photographed her with Warren. They seemed mad about each other.

— Ellen Graham